The Veterans Specialty Clinic

The Veterans Specialty Clinic. The high use of explosives in combat areas has resulted in large numbers of closed-head and concussion brain injuries. These diagnoses are characterized as the hallmark injury of the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in America’s history. In many of these cases, no visible scars can be seen, but language, memory and other cognitive deficits exist.

These “hidden” injuries could be diagnosed and treated at FSU’s planned state-of-the-art Veterans Specialty Clinic, which will provide much-needed help for veterans with communication and swallowing impairment, often the result of combat-related injuries.

How the Clinic will help our vets. Currently, veterans living in Tallahassee and the eastern Florida Panhandle must travel more than two hours to receive the same diagnostic and treatment services at VA facilities elsewhere. As a result, some veterans can’t get the treatment they need because of the high cost of traveling four hours round-trip, which is sometimes necessary as often as twice per week.

How you can help. We strongly believe that our vets have sacrificed enough in serving our nation. You can help us bring their care for communication and swallowing impairment closer to home by making a charitable contribution today to FSU Veterans Specialty Clinic.